Caring for Wildlife



As we are pensioners, the monthly expense of well over $1,000.00 puts quite a strain on our budget.

Therefore, we tried to absorb some of the costs by renting out a bungalow on our property through airbnb. Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the prescribed restrictions this income stream has all but dried up.

Thatís why we are asking for your help. Every donation for the animals, even the smallest, would be greatly appreciated

Helene and Manfred
Forest Lodge Wildlife Care

If you want to help caring for wildlife, please consider making a donation:

Forest Lodge Wildlife Care is a Not-for-Profit Organisation (NFO) in Australia.

This is a young Greater Glider. They are the largest gliders in Australia and are already on the endangered list. Greater Gliders have a very different diet than other gliders and more related to the ringtail possums. Their diet is similar to the one of koalas and prefer the young leaf tips of certain eucalyptus trees.

These two ringtail possums show how different their colouration can be.

This is a young rock wallaby which I had in care.

He was still fed with his milk formula, but he also loved munching on grass